Soundside flooding minimal; N.C. 12 a big mess

Soundside surge, expected to be as high as 6 feet, was not as serious as forecast overnight, when winds from Superstorm Sandy shifted and threatened the backsides of the barrier islands. “We fared well with the soundside flooding,” Dare County spokeswoman Dorothy Killingsworth said Tuesday. High tide this morning, however, brought more ocean overwash, especiallyfull story »

Live updates, photos and videos of Hurricane Sandy

Check here throughout the day for updates, anecdotes and photos from the storm. Submit your observations and photos at
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Pier, roads and bridges take a beating from Sandy

Large parts of Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk were flooded Monday as Hurricane Sandy continued to churn up 10- to 15-foot waves that easily broke through dunes and bulkheads. N.C. 12 was impassable throughout much of the northern towns, and Kitty Hawk police advised motorist to stay away from the beach road. Many streetsfull story »

Captain still missing as tall ship sinks off Hatteras

After the Coast Guard was contacted for help overnight, the crew of the tall ship HMS Bounty abandoned the vessel about 90 miles southeast of Cape Hatteras.
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Stalled car, wreck backed up traffic on causeway

Engine trouble in one car led to a four-vehicle pile-up Wednesday afternoon at the top of the Washington Baum Bridge between Nags Head and Manteo.
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Senate bill on Hatteras access gains Democratic support

Supporters of a Senate bill to set aside the National Park Service’s current rules on off-road vehicles at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore found a Democratic friend Wednesday at a Senate committee hearing.
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New study offers more fodder for sea-rise debate

A new study provides another take on the sea-level debate, concluding that water is rising faster along the northern U.S. East Coast than elsewhere in the world.
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U.S. House approves Hatteras Seashore access bill

The bill passed by a 232-188 vote on Tuesday includes a provision to roll back rules governing access to the beaches of Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

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Dare OK’s zoning amendment for new Hatteras pier

A new pier planned as part of an ocean center similar to Jennette’s can move forward under a county zoning amendment approved Monday.
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Realtors, appraisers at odds on price opinions bill

A recent development in Raleigh may sound like “inside baseball,” but as we have seen in the past with deregulation in banking and accounting, relaxing rules separating specialty industries can lead to unexpected and tragic consequences. One need only consider the Enron crisis, in part created by allowing accounting firms to enter the world offull story »